New England Lobster Roll


First time trying the Green point location. A few years back they had a location in Lower East Side Manhattan (L.E.S.). It has since closed. Majority of the street was bought out to build condos. Loved that place.
Used to be my go-to spot. Where my love for lobster rolls began.

Lobster Joint’s New England lobster roll  (pictured above) is steamed lobster tossed in fresh herb and celery mayo served cold inside of a buttered, toasted split-top bun. There is quite a bit of lobster stuffed in there. Surprisingly filling and not heavy. Won’t leave you with food coma!  Sweet lobster and that herb mayo really highlighted the sweet taste of lobster. Comes with a coleslaw, pickle and choice of salad/fries/chips on the side. I tried the Connecticut style lobster roll as well. A Connecticut style lobster roll is steamed lobster tossed in just butter and served warm inside of a buttered, toasted split-top bun.  I prefer the former. It is more flavorful in my opinion with the creamy herb mayo whereas the Connecticut lobster roll is a little more bland taste-wise.

Good portion size if you eat an average amount. If you have a large appetite, you’re going to need more than this. I recommend adding a clam chowder on the side. It’s very nice, creamy and flavorful with meaty clam and potato chunks. Comes with oyster crackers. A suggestion to stir the soup before consuming because the cream is on the bottom. We ordered delivery. I presume that is to prevent the cream from curdling when they reheat the soup. All in all, quite good. Casual meal for a slightly steep price. You’re paying for the lobster here and it is worth every penny. 9.5/10 would visit again.

Price: $$

Around $21 for lobster roll with a coleslaw, pickle and choice of salad/fries/chips on the side.

$8 Cup of clam chowder

 Lobster Joint

1073 Manhattan Ave.

(Eagle and Dupont)

Brooklyn, NY 11222


718.389.8990 / 718.389.8993



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