World’s First Underground Park: Lowline 2020


Most New Yorkers have heard of the High line, but have you guys heard of the Lowline? The Highline is a luscious greenery filled park on elevated railroad tracks that are no longer in use. Let’s put it this way, the Lowline is its dark, mysterious, underground sibling. The first underground park in the world.
When you first walk in, the feeling is very dystopian. I imagine this is what underground parks would look like if mankind were ever banished to live in the bellies of the earth. Aside from dystopian, it also feels pretty cool. Perhaps these are the parks of the future. Abandoned underground spaces, turned into luscious greenery-filled public spaces.  I bet you’re thinking :”How would plants grow underground…there’s no sunlight….”  Au contraire mon cherie, it’s the 21st century! Using technology of course. Sunlight is collected by a solar collection dish which travels down a tube of fiberoptic cables to be redisbursed underground by a the dome panels(seen in video on ceiling)  to plants and trees below. Isn’t it crazy how sunlight is physically brought underground? The actual location opens in the year 2020, two blocks away in an abandoned trolley station.

Click for Underground park sneak peek video👀

*Pop by if you’re in the area to chill in the underground oasis- there’s a few tables and chairs in there to sit on
140 Essex Street
(between Rivington and Stanton Streets)
Lower East Side – New York City
Subway: J/M/F Essex Delancey Street
Saturday and Sunday
11am – 5pm
Free and Open to the Public (Person in front says suggested donation is $10. However this works like most of the public museums in New York. Give what you wish~)
October 2015- March 2017



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