Brunch on a yacht at NYC’s Fish Bar [Midtown Pier 81]


When I think of places I want to go eat, 100% of the places that come to mind are on land. Here’s to having brunch on the sea, sort-of…more on that later haha. The ship sails for about 2 hours. No sailing fee, it is included in the food prices. See the 3 circle mirrors in the back? That’s our table 😍


It’s a little dressy but still accessible. We were the youngest people there. Crowd was mostly late 20’s-40’s. They serve iced water in giant wine glasses~

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-8-39-30-pmWe were sitting in the middle deck of the ship. Lots of windows to look out of. It’s a great place to catch up with friends and an impressive date location for someone you really like. Would not recommend for a first date because you are going to be in the middle of the ocean. Nowhere to run! Well, I suppose you can swim if worse comes to worse.


The ship sails for about 2 hours. No sailing fee. It’s included in the food prices, which are surprisingly reasonable. The brunch menu is pretty typical brunch fare:  eggs bennie, french toast and the like. Of course I didn’t order that for my own dish because that’s super basic.  I did not board a yacht to order the same thing I always order.


They started us off with complimentary pastries. My favorite was the pan au chocolate and the berry muffin. That was the best muffin I’ve had in awhile and it was free HAHA.The pan au chocolate had just the right amount of chocolate and omg I should’ve asked them where they source their pastries from!! Even the croissant was good. It’s a boat, I highly doubt they bake fresh pastries on-site every morning lol.


My Elderflower lemonade, sweet and tart. Refreshing for a summer day, except that it’s Fall 😦


Ended up getting steak and eggs 😋! Two pieces of skirt steak, egg, tomato salsa and home style potatoes. That skirt steak was so darn good or I just love beef. I got it medium well. It was so juicy! The menu description said there would be two eggs…We all only got one LOL. It looks like they baked it in a muffin tin. The center was perfectly runny, just the way I like it. Seasoning wise- it was perfect for me, which is pretty rare because most places I go to, everything is way too salty.


The french toast was not that nice. Don’t order it….I think it was because it was coated with very little batter and that the batter was bland. The berries were nice! The focus of this dish was probably the whipped cream and strawberries sandwiched in between the french toast. Our waitress also did not bring us any syrup, it had to be requested from the back waiter.

img_8902Table snapshot! We also got their fries which were yummy. Crispy outside and soft warm insides. I can never really understand how some places can mess up fried food…..You just throw it in the fryer LOL.


Come here for the ambiance, the fact you will be eating on a sailing yacht and not the service. The service was very lacking even though the place was half empty…. We personally witnessed the majority of the customers complaining. The waitress got all our drink orders wrong and forgot to give the birthday girl her drink even after we asked her for it. Had to ask the back waiter for it. Then we realized the boat still had not left the pier after awhile after the sail time so we asked the waitress and she told us that they were not sailing. If we had known, we would have went elsewhere. She also never checked on us. To top it all off, my friend forgot her shopping bag there, called multiple times (left messages, no callbacks)and even went in person during open hours to find it closed. Perhaps we went on an off day? Maybe dinner service or summer hours are better?


North River Landing

Pier 81


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