To wake up laughing

Satin shimmered by in blues, reds and pinks

Their eyes were hidden by white masquerade masks

Perched atop majestic white stallions in various stages of standing and sitting

Reminiscent of expert circus performers

Yet the aura of something super human, was felt

A strange wave of soothing warmth pulsed in the air 

Looking forward with a laser focus

They looked at nothing and no one but the road ahead.

-Woken by my own laughter as sunlight streamed through the curtains. My friends would not be dressed up in sailor moon costumes riding on horses in the countryside in real life 😂. Ridiculous. Okay maybe they would be in costume just not on horses too LOL. It was like a procession. The sailor scouts also don’t wear masks. Only sailor moon’s boyfriend does!

If you’ve woken up with tears spilling down your cheeks, remember the dream that made you wake up laughing.


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