Is Vegan Dimsum good?

Dimsum to me, brings back childhood memories of lazy Sunday mornings and early afternoons. We would start our Sundays with dimsum either in a restaurant or Mom and Dad would send me out to order for take-out. My siblings and I would gather round the table and eat it while watching cartoons. Dimsum is meant to be shared, to be eaten with family, friends and not alone. Placed in the center of the table, eaten communal style with chopsticks. How else would you be able to try so many dishes? Limited stomach real estate. You would be full if you ate the entirety of 2-3 dimsum dishes by yourself.

Enter vegan dimsum at Buddha Bodai.

The “5 color appetizer”

In my mind’s eye, vegan food is greens. Super trendy and mehs in flavor. I literally imagine a plain sliced avocado. This is not that.

We ordered an appetizer platter and 6 dimsum dishes. The 5 color app platter was massive! The size is probably equivalent to 5 dimsum dishes. The 5 color app consisted of BBQ vegetarian meat (cha siu), stuffed bread (mock roasted crispy pork),a bed of mock jellyfish and pickled carrot and radish underneath, vegetarian beef, vegetarian chicken, and vegetarian duck. The veg cha siu tasted just like real pork cha siu, perfectly seasoned. The mock crispy pork was the biggest let down flavor-wise because it literally tasted like fried bread. The thin crispy skin was reminiscent of crispy pork though.


Fried taro custard ball

You can never go wrong with this savory crispy ball of soft taro root custard in the center. Not sure why they call it custard because there is not milk, perhaps as a texture comparison.


Veg Meat Pastry (Cha siu so) has egg in it?( Please confirm with waitstaff)

BBQ veg meat enshrouded by flaky puff pastry. Divine. A must-order. Seriously, Buddha Bodai does the mock cha siu really well. Tastes exactly like it, the texture is a little bit softer because it is not real meat.


Cruller rice roll

A deep fried chinese breadstick wrapped in a steamed rice noodle roll drizzled with soy sauce. First time having this and it did not disappoint. If you love fried crullers, do it.


Mock Shrimp Dumpling (Har gow)

Tasted just like the real thing! How do they do it?! Texture was a little different from real shrimp because it’s not real shrimp LOL.


Pan fried turnip cake in the back

Tldr: Delicious and tastes just like the real non-vegan/non-vegetarian dimsum, the texture is a little bit different from real meat because it’s not meat~

Disclaimer: Some dishes are vegetarian and not vegan, please confirm with waitstaff


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Tel: (212) 566-8388

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