Weekend in Philadelphia: Day 1, Brunch at IndeBlue & Dinner at Barbuzzo

I was feeling a bit stifled in NYC and just wanted to get away for the weekend, to Philly I went.

Booked the trip with J and it was sooo relaxing. There’s just something about being in a different city. It really helps to clear your mind. Change of scenery I suppose!

Click here to watch the Day 1 VlogπŸ€—

Lunch at IndeBlue


I was never particularly a huge fan of Indian food but indeblue does it right. We both ordered the Thali Sampler platter. I love variety when it comes to food. It just gets boring sometimes to eat just one dish. This was perfect for me. The thali sampler platter comes with 2 chef’s choice tasting entrees with rice (it was 2 chicken entrees that day),dal makhani (buttery lentil stew),appetizer (fried pakora), mango chutney, naan bread, raita yogurt and dessert(rice pudding). There is also a vegetarian option! It looks just as good as it tastes. The raita yogurt is used to “cool down” spicy dishes. The mango chutney was a welcome taste of sweetness to balance out the savory entrees. This made me want to eat Indian food when I returned to NYC. I have to find the NYC equivalent of this!!


Barbuzzo is an intimate mediterranean kitchen and bar that gets super packed. As in ,who knows how long the wait is going to be and most likely turned away without a reservation status LOL. We walked in to make a bar/kitchen counter reservation on the day of, a few hours before dinner. We sat at the kitchen counter, they have an open kitchen setup. I was just salivating the whole time, everything smelled so delicious! I started with some sangria and I think there was cinnamon in it, can’t quite remember.


Everything we ordered had to be vegetarian because J’s vegetarian. This gnocchi usually has guanciale in it which is an italian cured meat made from pork jowl/cheek. We requested it to be omitted. Nonetheless, the pan seared gnocchi was divine. Sauteed with truffle butter, local mixed greens, some royal trumpet mushrooms, sunchokes and thyme.


Woodfired? Mushroom pizza! This one was a rotating menu special. Unfortunately I don’t rememeber exactly what kind of mushrooms were on this 😞. I recognize some beech mushrooms. This was served with 2 tiny little glass jars of spicy oil and i believe it was dried whole thyme. It looked like a little jar of weed LOL. It was really yummy but the middle of the pizza , on the bottom was a bit on the soggy side. Would be nicer if it had crisped up a bit more in the center.