Weekend in Philadelphia: Day 1, Brunch at IndeBlue & Dinner at Barbuzzo

I was feeling a bit stifled in NYC and just wanted to get away for the weekend, to Philly I went.

Booked the trip with J and it was sooo relaxing. There’s just something about being in a different city. It really helps to clear your mind. Change of scenery I suppose!

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Lunch at IndeBlue


I was never particularly a huge fan of Indian food but indeblue does it right. We both ordered the Thali Sampler platter. I love variety when it comes to food. It just gets boring sometimes to eat just one dish. This was perfect for me. The thali sampler platter comes with 2 chef’s choice tasting entrees with rice (it was 2 chicken entrees that day),dal makhani (buttery lentil stew),appetizer (fried pakora), mango chutney, naan bread, raita yogurt and dessert(rice pudding). There is also a vegetarian option! It looks just as good as it tastes. The raita yogurt is used to “cool down” spicy dishes. The mango chutney was a welcome taste of sweetness to balance out the savory entrees. This made me want to eat Indian food when I returned to NYC. I have to find the NYC equivalent of this!!


Barbuzzo is an intimate mediterranean kitchen and bar that gets super packed. As in ,who knows how long the wait is going to be and most likely turned away without a reservation status LOL. We walked in to make a bar/kitchen counter reservation on the day of, a few hours before dinner. We sat at the kitchen counter, they have an open kitchen setup. I was just salivating the whole time, everything smelled so delicious! I started with some sangria and I think there was cinnamon in it, can’t quite remember.


Everything we ordered had to be vegetarian because J’s vegetarian. This gnocchi usually has guanciale in it which is an italian cured meat made from pork jowl/cheek. We requested it to be omitted. Nonetheless, the pan seared gnocchi was divine. Sauteed with truffle butter, local mixed greens, some royal trumpet mushrooms, sunchokes and thyme.


Woodfired? Mushroom pizza! This one was a rotating menu special. Unfortunately I don’t rememeber exactly what kind of mushrooms were on this 😞. I recognize some beech mushrooms. This was served with 2 tiny little glass jars of spicy oil and i believe it was dried whole thyme. It looked like a little jar of weed LOL. It was really yummy but the middle of the pizza , on the bottom was a bit on the soggy side. Would be nicer if it had crisped up a bit more in the center.

Is Vegan Dimsum good?

Dimsum to me, brings back childhood memories of lazy Sunday mornings and early afternoons. We would start our Sundays with dimsum either in a restaurant or Mom and Dad would send me out to order for take-out. My siblings and I would gather round the table and eat it while watching cartoons. Dimsum is meant to be shared, to be eaten with family, friends and not alone. Placed in the center of the table, eaten communal style with chopsticks. How else would you be able to try so many dishes? Limited stomach real estate. You would be full if you ate the entirety of 2-3 dimsum dishes by yourself.

Enter vegan dimsum at Buddha Bodai.

The “5 color appetizer”

In my mind’s eye, vegan food is greens. Super trendy and mehs in flavor. I literally imagine a plain sliced avocado. This is not that.

We ordered an appetizer platter and 6 dimsum dishes. The 5 color app platter was massive! The size is probably equivalent to 5 dimsum dishes. The 5 color app consisted of BBQ vegetarian meat (cha siu), stuffed bread (mock roasted crispy pork),a bed of mock jellyfish and pickled carrot and radish underneath, vegetarian beef, vegetarian chicken, and vegetarian duck. The veg cha siu tasted just like real pork cha siu, perfectly seasoned. The mock crispy pork was the biggest let down flavor-wise because it literally tasted like fried bread. The thin crispy skin was reminiscent of crispy pork though.


Fried taro custard ball

You can never go wrong with this savory crispy ball of soft taro root custard in the center. Not sure why they call it custard because there is not milk, perhaps as a texture comparison.


Veg Meat Pastry (Cha siu so) has egg in it?( Please confirm with waitstaff)

BBQ veg meat enshrouded by flaky puff pastry. Divine. A must-order. Seriously, Buddha Bodai does the mock cha siu really well. Tastes exactly like it, the texture is a little bit softer because it is not real meat.


Cruller rice roll

A deep fried chinese breadstick wrapped in a steamed rice noodle roll drizzled with soy sauce. First time having this and it did not disappoint. If you love fried crullers, do it.


Mock Shrimp Dumpling (Har gow)

Tasted just like the real thing! How do they do it?! Texture was a little different from real shrimp because it’s not real shrimp LOL.


Pan fried turnip cake in the back

Tldr: Delicious and tastes just like the real non-vegan/non-vegetarian dimsum, the texture is a little bit different from real meat because it’s not meat~

Disclaimer: Some dishes are vegetarian and not vegan, please confirm with waitstaff


Buddha Bodai Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant
5 Mott St.
New York, NY 10013

Tel: (212) 566-8388

Hours: 11:00am-9:30pm Mon-Fri
Hours: 10:00am-9:30pm Sat-Sun

More Delicious-ness & videos

Fried chicken biscuit sandwich

Brunch on a yacht at NYC’s Fish Bar [Midtown Pier 81]

K-town lunch, Photoville Exhibition at NYC DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Park

NYC’s Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Vegan burger with garlic fries

Grilled squid at Smorgasburg,Oh no you squidn’t!

K-town lunch, Photoville Exhibition at NYC DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Park


Why hello there. Welcome back to my page. I happened upon this cactus and cat in a sombrero combo while heading to Photoville and just had to take a photo. Enjoy it LOL.

Have you ever stepped foot in a shipping container? They’re huge! Literally the size of a room. They are usually used to ship large amounts of cargo  overseas via ships and must be transported with cranes because of their sheer size and weight. Now imagine a bunch of shipping containers transported to the middle of NYC’s Brooklyn Bridge Park and filled with photo artwork. That was exactly what Photoville was! I missed last year’s exhibition but I finally made it to this year’s so hooray~ The subject matter varied from animals to political and world issues.

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Ebola victim graveyard

40 graves were dug every morning in preparation to bury ebola victims. It was a very somber (dark and gloomy) image that stuck in my mind.

I believe this is NYC if I remember correctly…

Photoville was not the only exhibition going on in the park that day. Water stories was another one. It highlighted how water access is different across the world.

Deep in thought

Of course I had to take advantage of all the various photo opportunities DUMBO has to offer haha.


Had to jump into the O before the people on the other side did 😂

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NYC’s Hudson River Park Pier 84 Dancing Water Fountain

NYC’s Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Wood fired organic flour pizza at Smorgasborg


NYC’s Hudson River Park Pier 84 Dancing Water Fountain

Splashing in a fountain made me feel like I was 5 again. No cares, no worries. Just trying not to get the water into my shoes.Like the world stopped. In those 30 seconds, I was free.

Click below for the full water show🐳

NYC’s Hudson River Park Pier 84 Dancing Water Fountain

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my grilled whole squid from Smorgasburg post🐙

World’s First Underground Park: Lowline 2020🍃

Wood fired organic flour pizza at Smorgasborg🍕

NYC’s Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

We spent Museum day live 2016 at The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum ^.^!

Ofcourse I forgot to take a picture of the ship without me in it LOL

Museum day live is a one day annual celebration of exploration and curiosity sponsored by Smithsonian magazine. Which means you can get a ticket for free admission for you and a guest! There are over 1000+ participating museums in the United States and 24 to choose from in NYC.

I remember driving past this ship when I was a child and I would just wonder what it was doing there.I didn’t know it was a museum at the time and never imagined I would be aboard it someday. I was just awestruck by the massive size of The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space museum. The first time I have ever stepped onto a warship. Decommissioned nonetheless.

Hull of the ship/museum

We arrived a bit after 12pm. There was quite a line,about a 40 minute wait because it was museum day. The minimum admission package is about $26+ per person.I saw a bunch of tourists buying tickets and I was like wow. I kinda felt like telling them they could get in for free but they had already handed over their money to the ticket agent 😦 Quite happy that we got in for free LOL.

Top deck’s planes 

The top deck has plenty of planes on display ranging from fighter jets, stealth planes and even helicopters. It was pretty darn cool. My favorite plane was actually the one with a smile and it was not weaponized! I think it was used for delivering something……I forgot 😦

My fave plane’s name is Sundowners

Look at that razor sharp smile!

View from the top deck

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There’s also a submarine that you can enter and explore. It smelled so strongly of diesel even after all these years 😱

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World’s First Underground Park: Lowline 2020

Wood fired organic flour pizza at Smorgasborg

Grilled squid at Smorgasburg,Oh no you squidn’t!


World’s First Underground Park: Lowline 2020


Most New Yorkers have heard of the High line, but have you guys heard of the Lowline? The Highline is a luscious greenery filled park on elevated railroad tracks that are no longer in use. Let’s put it this way, the Lowline is its dark, mysterious, underground sibling. The first underground park in the world.
When you first walk in, the feeling is very dystopian. I imagine this is what underground parks would look like if mankind were ever banished to live in the bellies of the earth. Aside from dystopian, it also feels pretty cool. Perhaps these are the parks of the future. Abandoned underground spaces, turned into luscious greenery-filled public spaces.  I bet you’re thinking :”How would plants grow underground…there’s no sunlight….”  Au contraire mon cherie, it’s the 21st century! Using technology of course. Sunlight is collected by a solar collection dish which travels down a tube of fiberoptic cables to be redisbursed underground by a the dome panels(seen in video on ceiling)  to plants and trees below. Isn’t it crazy how sunlight is physically brought underground? The actual location opens in the year 2020, two blocks away in an abandoned trolley station.

Click for Underground park sneak peek video👀

*Pop by if you’re in the area to chill in the underground oasis- there’s a few tables and chairs in there to sit on
140 Essex Street
(between Rivington and Stanton Streets)
Lower East Side – New York City
Subway: J/M/F Essex Delancey Street
Saturday and Sunday
11am – 5pm
Free and Open to the Public (Person in front says suggested donation is $10. However this works like most of the public museums in New York. Give what you wish~)
October 2015- March 2017